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BBQ and Olympic Ceremony viewing

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Hello fellow optics enthusiasts!
As you may be aware, the Summer Olympic Games are fast approaching, and we want everyone to be ready when the time comes! For this reason, we have decided to organize a BBQ and opening ceremony screening on Friday, August 5th in the Allen Courtyard. The ceremony officially begins at 4PM, but food will not be served until 5PM.
Speaking of food, in honor of this year’s location for the Olympics, we will have skirt steak with chimichuri sauce, as well as chicken, yams, and vegetarian options. As per usual, there will be drinks and EANABS for your consumption.
So come join us and help support team America!
There are plenty of fantastic events as well as old rivalries to be settled in this years Olympics.  Over the weekend, the games will kick off with the long-distance laser coherence, free-space coupling, turbulent medium navigation, ring-resonator Q-factor, and full-contact demultiplexing events.  Starting next week, look forward to watching the US dominate in soliton modulation, chaotic feedback, and optical encryption. We’ve also got a new ringer incoming that may blind the judges in the peak pulse power contest.  Later in the week, we’ll see some of the crowd pleasing 1-on-1 events including fierce rivalries in competitive laser modes, speed-realignment, and Laser Khet. The French will be looking to bring back a second string of golds in simulation-based events, and Serbia is determined to continue its win streak in inverse optical design. Amid a slew of new challengers, England better bring in the big guns to defend its titles in photonic crystal design and the fiber pull. The festivities will finish with the Olympic debut of hot carrier generation and freestyle metasurfaces, two events with athletes that are looking to make a big splash.
O S A! O S A!
Allen courtyard
Friday, August 5, 2016 - 16:00