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Board game happy hour

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Greetings, Field Friends!
With SUPR looming over the horizon like a beautiful sunrise, your very own optical society membership committee would like to think that we are setting the mood by hosting a board game happy hour in Spilker 232 this Friday at 5PM. 
We have gathered the most dedicated board game addicts from within one degree of separation of our committee in order to bring you an unrivaled selection of tabletop entertainment.
But even if you hate board games, there will, of course, be drinks, snacks, and EANABS to make the entire experience bearable. 
As you stand before the dark forest, a warm breeze blows from its depths. The shifting leaves allow an occasional speck of brightness to penetrate the dense canopy. Images of overgrown vegetation within the packed tree trunks reveal no room for a wanderer. 
Your blue cloak flaps excitedly in the breeze. It sings of wanderlust.
You pass the threshold into the dim wilderness, confident that you follow a path of your own making. 
Spilker 232
Friday, April 21, 2017 - 17:00