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Mud and Rain Happy Hour

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Hello Polarizing Pals!

As we all know, rain is extremely dangerous. Ever since this unnatural phenomenon began to afflict our region, going outside has become quite the ordeal. Having to put on our hermetically sealed suits and check for leaks adds significant time to our morning routines, taking away from precious sleep and work hours. Naturally, this leads to people trying to cut corners, resulting in completely avoidable injuries. 

The Stanford Witch--...*ahem*...Optical  Society believes that the best way to address such ordeals is to create them in a small edible form that can be therapeutically devoured. I am therefore proud to announce that this Friday, January 20th, at 5:30PM, we will be hosting a Mud and Rain Happy Hour in Spilker 232. 

Come and join us while we create mud pies containing some of the aspects of rain that terrify and harm us, such as worms, dirt, and pudding! There will also be additional miscellaneous snacks that can be used to personify your deepest fears, as well as an array of certified melting-free drinks to help cope with the horror that is rain


Spilker 232
Friday, January 20, 2017 - 17:30