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OSA Welcome BBQ

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Comrades, those of you reading this have survived the onslaught of the first week of the year. I see, on many of your faces, the thousand yard stare of a veteran graduate student who has seen their squad mates swallowed by the oncoming hoards of undergraduates, powerless to stop such a tragedy from occurring. But you survived. I also see, on many of your faces, the shock of entry. Jumping straight into an academic fire inevitably induces thermal mental stress, but you will adapt. Become battle-hardened. Give it time. The invasion takes its toll every day. Lunch lines become longer, bike lanes congested, study groups reserve our meeting spaces, and we are constantly accosted by newcomers asking for directions. For some it is too much to handle. For others, they grit their teeth and power through with the sheer force of will only wielded by the most determined of graduate students. In these dire times, our only hope is to band together, and do the one thing we do best.  Eat, drink, and be merry!
That's right, next Friday, October 9th at 5:00PM your very own membership committee is throwing a huge barbecue in the Allen patio! If you get there early (on time, don't actually come before 5:00), you may even get some of the limited fancier food that we plan on preparing, because barbecues are always better with more variety. Naturally, there will also be drinks that both can and cannot be used as a disinfectant. Join us in our state of denial as we forget our problems with research and socialize around a grill! Tell your friends!
Sunday, October 11, 2015 (All day)