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Photonic Quantum Computing

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Photonic Quantum Computing
Dr. Jeremy O'Brien
University of Bristol
4:15, Spilker 232

Abstract: Of the various approaches to quantum computing, photons are appealing for their low-noise properties and ease of manipulation at the single photon level; while the challenge of entangling interactions between photons can be met via measurement induced non-linearities. However, the real excitement with this architecture is the promise of ultimate manufacturability: All of the components---including sources, detectors, filters, switches, and delay lines---have been implemented on chip, and increasingly sophisticated integration of these components is being achieved. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of a fully integrated photonic quantum computer.

Biography: Dr. Jeremy O’Brien completed his PhD in Physics UNSW in 2002. During 2001-06 he was a Research Fellow at UQ. Currently, Dr. Jeremy O’Brien is the CEO of PsiCorp Quantum Computing, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Bristol, and director of the Center for Quantum Photonics. Currently a visiting professor at Stanford. Working to bring quantum computing into reality and the market to transform artificial intelligence, healthcare, energy, finance, cyber security and the internet. Using a photonic approach to manufacture a universal quantum computer in a silicon fab, exploiting silicon photonics developed for applications including optical interconnects in the semiconductor industry.


Spilker 232
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 16:15