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SUPR Reunion BBQ

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Friends of the optics community,
SUPR 2016 came and went those many months ago, and its experiences have likely receded to the back of our minds as fond memories which have been supplanted by the more immediate concerns of research. Similarly, we realize that many of the new connections you made during that weekend have inevitably dwindled into obscurity, as often happens when one returns to their original routine after an excursion.
In an effort to bring these memories and connections back to the forefront, we invite you to attend this year's SUPR Reunion BBQ on Friday July 1st at 5PM in the Shriram courtyard.
Thanks to a generous contribution by Mrs. Virginia Siegman, we are delighted to announce that this event will contain actual barbecued food catered by Big Ed's Buzzard BBQ. Of course, there will also be the ubiquitous presence of select alcoholic beverages as well as EANABS.
Last, but certainly not least, we will be celebrating the life and contributions of the late Professor Anthony Siegman with a cake made of Lasers.
See you then!
Shriram courtyard
Friday, July 1, 2016 - 17:00