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Student Chapter

The Stanford Chapter of Optica was formed in 1992, when Prof. Joseph W. Goodman was President of the Optica professional society.  The first Student Chapter President was Ph.D. Candidate Barry Shoop. The Stanford Optica Student Chapter was reinstated to active status in 2004, and we began expanding our activities. In 2006, we became an official Stanford University Student Group, combining our existing Stanford Student Optica Chapter with a new Stanford Student SPIE Chapter -- and we have been rapidly growing ever since!  We are now one of the largest student chapters in the world! We are currently seeking former student chapter members to share some history of the chapter. If you are interested in contributing your story, please contact our officers at!

Website History

This site is hosted using Drupal, a powerful and flexible platform for building secure websites with a lot of content. Tiffany W Huang and Josh Yoon began working on this site in 2015. If you have any suggestions, please contact our current webmaster! 
Much of the content was transferred from the old site, set up on PLONE in 2009 by Tom O'Sullivan. Visit the old site here

Awards and Grants

2013 Awards

2013 Student Chapter Excellence Award

2012 Awards

2012 Student Chapter Excellence Award

2010 Awards

2010 OSA Student Recruitment Contest

2009 Awards

2009 SPIE Student Chapter Website Award

2009 SPIE Activity Grant (50+ Members!)

2009 OSA Activity Grant

2009 OSA Foundation Education Outreach Grant

2008 Awards

2008 SPIE Student Chapter Website Award


2008 OSA Student Chapter Recruitment Award - "Most Creative Recruitment Strategies"

2008 OSA - Stanford chapter's questions chosen for U.S. Physics Olympiad Final Exam -competition between OSA Chapters for best questions

2008 SPIE Activity Grant (50+ Members!)

2008 OSA Activity Grant

2007 Awards

2007 Stanford Community Day Grant

2007 SPIE Activity Grant

2007 OSA Activity Grant

2007 OSA Foundation Education Outreach Grant

2006 Awards

2006 OSA Activity Grant

2005 Awards

2005 OSA Student Chapter Excellence Award

2005 OSA Activity Grant

2005 OSA Outreach Grant

2004 Awards

2004 OSA Grant to restart chapter!