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Officer Duties


exec team

-    Focuses on the strategic direction of the chapter
-    Responsible for "external relations" with the University, Community, OSA/SPIE headquarters
-    Facilitates collaborations with other OSA/SPIE student chapters and local sections worldwide
-    Leads executive team meetings (6-10/year)

Vice President
-    Perform duties of the President in event of his or her absence

-    Meets with the President frequently as needed for support of agenda
-    Oversees all chapter events/activities
-    Submits grant applications/reports (~6 a year) to OSA and SPIE
-    Responsible for collecting and submitting chapter news to the OSA Focal Point and SPIE Wavefront newsletters.
-    Ex officio member of all subcommittees.  Attend speaker, outreach, and photonics retreat committee meetings as necessary and assist with coordination between the committees

-    Responsible for recording minutes/notes of executive meetings
-    Organizes executive meetings
-    Collects documentation after events from event organizers
-    Moderates the studentOSA mailing list and gmail account
-    Attends a banking ASSU workshop once
-    Processes reimbursements/ accepts grant checks (about 2-10 receipts/month)
-    Produces a summary of account for OSA/SPIE reports 2x/year.
-    Assists in making strategic financial decisions based on the state of chapter funding
-    Assists with budgeting and fundraising for SUPR
-    Posts events to this website
-    Posts to group social media accounts
-    Responsible for maintanance and improvement of website/social media
-    Assists with photography of OSA events


Committee chairs organize smaller meetings as necessary with the committee members to divide responsibilities for events (the President or VP will attend these as needed).  Committee chairs will provide updates to the rest of the exec team at least monthly, either at regular board meetings or by email.

osa cake

Outreach Chair
-          Heads the outreach committee, which plans, advertises, and participates in science outreach events for K-12 students, teachers, and the larger community
-          Examples: Maker Faire, Bay Area Science Festival, Stanford SPLASH!, International Photography Contest
-          Recruit volunteers for outreach events
-          Responsible for maintaining our set of educational modules
-          Coordinates development of new educational modules
-          Coordinates with other groups (e.g., Stanford Office of Science Outreach) for possible combined outreach activities and discussion of short and long term outreach
-          Passes information about relevant events/programs to our list of local educators
Membership/Social Activities Chair
-          Plans and oversees social events (BBQs, fun optics/science-related outings)
-          Updates attendance database for each event, adding names to the mailing list
-          Maintains and updates the membership roster with OSA/SPIE HQ
-          Responsible for the recruitment of members to OSA and SPIE (eg. publicizing the chapter, recruitment contest, encouraging people to join the Executive Team)
Seminars Chair
-          Heads the speakers committee, which plans, advertises, and runs seminars (roughly monthly) with invited speakers from industry and academia
-          Maintains online database of past and future speakers, with feedback
-          Updates/maintains checklist for hosting speaker events
-          Ensures that attendance is taken at each seminar.  Gives the attendee list to membership chair, who updates the mailing list.
Stanford University Photonics Retreat (SUPR) Chair
-          Responsible for arranging and leading regular meetings: 1-2 per month in summer and fall, weekly in winter quarter.
-          Communicates and coordinates with the Stanford Photonics Research Center (SPRC)
-          Responsible for overall concept and planning of retreat
-          Delegates planning and fundraising efforts to other committee members as appropriate


Members are encouraged to participate in multiple committees if they are so interested.committe

Outreach committee (Open to all interested)
-          Assist outreach chair in planning outreach events
-          Help develop new outreach modules
-          Volunteer at outreach activities
Speakers Committee (Open to all)
-          Contribute suggestions for invited speakers from industry and academia
-          Network at conferences and other events to build connections
-          Invite speakers to campus and coordinate scheduling and room booking of seminars
-          Purchase and set up snacks and beverages before seminars
-          Host seminars
Membership/Social Events Committee (Open to all)
-          Help plan and coordinate social events (BBQs, fun optics/science-related outings)
-          Help with recruitment efforts
Stanford University Photonics Retreat (SUPR) Planning Committee (Elected)
-          Organize technical program (keynote and invited speakers, faculty speakers, poster sessions)
-          Organize professional development and social program (alumni panel, networking/icebreakers, social events)
-          Venue arrangements
-          Fundraising and budgeting