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Stanford University Photonics Retreat (SUPR)

New spots open at SUPR 2020! Sign-up here

For any questions or concerns, contact our SUPR Committee Chairs Alyssa Cartwright and Evan Wang.

The Stanford University Photonics Retreat is an annual event hosted by the Stanford Optical Society, the local students chapters of OSA and SPIE.
SUPR's primary purpose is to promote greater interaction within the Stanford optics and photonics research community, which is spread across many departments. Attendees come from the departments of electrical engineering, applied physics, chemistry, materials science, bioengineering and biophysics, mechanical engineering, environmental science, and biology, and from SLAC and the School of Medicine. The retreat provides an opportunity to stimulate interactions among this diverse group of researchers and serves as a catalyst for fruitful collaborations.
We believe it is important to travel away from campus to avoid daily distractions and to create a stimulating yet relaxed environment to fosters interaction among attendees. SUPR programming begins Friday in the late afternoon and lasts until Sunday in the early afternoon, combining technical sessions, professional development, and social activities. Approximately 90 people attend SUPR, including 70 graduate students and postdocs, faculty and invited speakers, panelists, and industry representatives.


Registration includes two nights shared lodging, all meals and carpool transportation. The support of our generous sponsors allows us to offer heavily subsidized registration fees.

SUPR 2020 Student and Postdoc Registration Fees:
Members of OSA and SPIE: $60
Members of OSA or SPIE: $80
Non-members: $130

OSA student membership is available for $20 annually
SPIE student membership is available for $20 annually