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Why are you planning this retreat?
The photonics community at Stanford is incredibly diverse, spanning many different academic departments. However, we all share a common interest: the study and application of light. This circumstance creates the possibility for phenomenal cross-disciplinary collaboration at Stanford. We hope that this retreat will bring together different parts of this community to build those professional and social interactions, hopefully leading to fruitful collaborations and lifelong relationships.
How is the retreat funded?
The retreat is funded primarily by external fundraising completed by the Stanford OSA/SPIE Student Chapter, generously supplemented by the Stanford Photonics Research Center (SPRC).
I'd really like to attend, but I don't have enough research results to present a poster.  Can I still attend?
Of course!  In fact, we especially encourage those who are early in their graduate careers to attend the retreat. This will be a great way for you to meet and interact with the photonics community.  We do ask that you present a poster -  if not on your current research or proposed research, the poster may be on an optics/photonics topic of your choice, perhaps relating to a class.  If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
Oh, no! I submitted my poster title/authors, but I made a mistake or need to change something. How do I update my submission?
It's ok, just submit another form, as long as it's before the deadline. We will only take your latest submission for the retreat literature.
How will lodging be arranged?
See above
I don't want to share a room. Can I get my own?
We're sorry, but student/postdoc rooms at the Conference Center must be shared so that we can accommodate the maximum number of attendees.
How will transportation/carpools be arranged?
See above
My husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/etc. wants to come too, but they are not a photonics student. Can they attend?
We cannot provide lodging for people who will not participating in the retreat. If this is an issue, you may contact us before registration.
I can't stay the the entire weekend. Can I just come for one or two days?
We believe that there are distinct benefits to staying the entire weekend, not only because the agenda is full of exciting events, but also since the extended "away time" provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  There are also the very practical logistics of arranging carpooled transportation! That being said, we understand that unique circumstances can arise, and we ask that you contact us before registration to explain.  Because of the highly subsidized registration, we will not be able to adjust the registration fee.
I need to arrive late on Friday, or leave early on Sunday. What should I do?
Please see the answer to the previous question.
I'm not a Stanford student, but I'm a member of OSA and/or SPIE. Can I attend?
Unfortunately, not at this time.  This retreat is for the Stanford community and invited speakers at this time due the first two items in this FAQ (purpose and fundraising).  We DO plan events for the San Francisco Bay Area optics students, such as Photonics@Stanford and Photonics@Berkeley, which traditionally have been 1-day programs.  Other events are broadcast and open to as many students as possible.  If you are interested in collaborating with our student chapter for multi-university programming, please contact us!
What if my question wasn't answered anywhere on this site?
Please don't hesitate to contact us!