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SUPR 2016 Posters

Student Poster Title
A. Fatih Cihan Directionality Control of Light Emission from Dipole Emitters with Silicon
Camille Bayas Three-Dimensional Super-Resolution Imaging of RNaseE in Caulobacter crescentus
Gil Tabak Trapped Modes in Linear Quantum Stochastic Networks with Delays
Isaac Kauvar Aperture-Interference Light Field Microscopy
Linda Zhang Group IV Nanophotonics Incorporating Diamond Silicon-Vacancy Color Centers
Jose Krause Perin 100 Gbit/s Single-Laser Data Center Interconnects
Ken Wong Direct Measurement of Negative Optical Goos-Hanchen Shift from Photonic Crystal
Konstantinos Lagoudakis Ultrafast coherent manipulation of trions in site-controlled nanowire quantum dots
Marina Radulaski Silicon Carbide and Color Center Photonics
Nikolas Tezak Low Dimensional Manifolds for Efficient Representation of Quantum Systems
Orly Liba MOZART: High-resolution optical molecular imaging system for medical and biological applications
Patrick L. Kramer Understanding the dynamics of directional interactions in ionic liquids with ultrafast infrared spectroscopy
Petar Petrov Removing Orientation-Induced Localization Biases in Single Molecule Microscopy Using a Metasurface Mask
Sid Assawaworrarit Parity-time symmetry in electronics
Yilei Li Observation of high-harmonic generation from monolayer MoS2
Ziliang Ye Ultrafast optical manipulation of valley pseudospin in 2D semiconductors


Alex Diezmann                           Single-molecule tracking and super-resolution imaging reveal a diffusion trap at the poles of Caulobacter crescentus
Alicia Kollar Supermode-polariton condensation in a multimode cavity QEDBEC system
Benjamin Wang A Plasma Photonic Crystal Bandgap Device
Brannon B. Klopfer Multi-pass Microscopy
Christopher Rogers Saturable Absorption in Monolayer MoS2
Colin Comerci Fast Scanning STED Microscopy Allows Imaging of Genetically Encoded Fluormodule In Live Caulobacter
Edwin Ng Nonlinear and Broadband Coherent Feedback Control
Huiyang Deng Dielectric Laser Accelerator
Ian Roberts Nonlinear Power Optimization in Wavelength Divison Multiplexed Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Lucien Weiss Nanoscale Tracking of Individual Hedgehog Pathway Proteins in Live Cells
Massimo Dal Forno RF breakdown measurements in electron beam driven mmwave metallic accelerating structures
Maurice Lee 3D Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy with the Corkscrew Point Spread Function
Nate Bogdanowicz Coherent Feedback in Cavity QED Systems
Ritobrata Sur Laser absorption-based atmospheric methane detection near Aliso Canyon
Sage Doshay Mechanically Tunable Optical Response of Large-Area Stretchable Plasmonic Arrays
Stephen Wolf 2um Half Harmonic Generation
Therice Morris Hollow-core Photonic Bandgap Fibers for Inertial Navigation Gyroscopes
Tori Borish Towards quantum simulations of frustrated spin models with Rydberg-dressed atoms