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Stanford OSA/SPIE has a long history of hosting and participating in education outreach activities.  From planning teacher training events with multiple universities and hosting hands-on interactive booths for thousands of public visitors, to developing online demonstrations and optics curricula, we are committed to teaching and getting students of all ages excited about LIGHT! 

Please get in touch if you're interested in having us demonstrate optics or otherwise planning events with us! Email us at


Outreach Events

Stanford Campus

Splash is a program that brings students in grades 8-12 from everywhere to Stanford’s campus for a two-day learning extravaganza. Classes are taught by Stanford undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates more

Tom Kitayama Elementary School

To sign up, please visit this Google Form: more

Escondido Elementary’s annual Family Science Night consists of student science fair projects as well as demos from local groups. OSA will be taking the ever popular laser maze and fiber optic pins to share our love of light and inspire the students to pursue STEM related fields. Read more


Join us for First Thursdays (the first After Dark of the month) when we explore one topic in a vareity of ways. This is a weekly event for adults to encourage continuing education and wonder in the grown up mind. Excite your atoms at Glow, our annual celebration of ebullient lights and subtle glows honoring the close of the year. Bask in the mesmerizing gleams of special installations and kinetic sculptures, take a shine to illuminating exhibits, and show your sparkle with scintillating activities. OSA is very excited to share our various demos at the Glow-themed After dark! ...Read more

Apollo is a continuation high school on the east side of San José. Before attending Apollo, the students were considered high school drop-out students. Now they are earning back the necessary credits to graduate on time with a high school diploma. Engineering Day is dedicated to showing the students the path they can take to study engineering and the careers that can stem from this field. OSA outreach will be taking several demos to Engineering Day and engaging in conversations with students about pursuing STEM careers. Read more

We showed off cool demos such as the lazer harp and the lazer maze! More information here: more

Shared optics through the laser maze and other cool demos!Read more

Click here for an adorable video from the event.

 Read more

Stanford Optical Society will be offering three classes on holography to high-school students at Spring Splash. Students will have an opportunity to make their own hologram, measure thickness of their hair through laser diffraction pattern and learn the underlying principles of microscopes!Read more

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